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Quality Information System (QIS) is as a timely response to the pressing demand for more transparency and better information provision regarding the national education systems in Asia and Pacific Region. QIS is a tool, designed to benefit the members of APQN, as well as wider public: students, employers, public authorities and researchers. 

The objectives of the QIS are: 
1) To provide access to quality, reliable and up-to-date information about higher education systems, including quality assurance systems across Asia Pacific Region; 
2) To facilitate cooperation and exchange of information between quality assurance agencies/ authorities within the Asia Pacific Region; 
3) To set-up and provide access to the quality assurance expert database. 

Through achieving these objectives, the information portal will promote good practices and peer-to-peer learning across the Asia Pacific region and global level at large. It will seek to improve the links between Asia Pacific Quality Network and member agencies/ institutions. As an underlying objective, the information portal could increase trust in education systems across the region through providing reliable information about quality assurance processes and standards.

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