Nominated By: Tibor Szanto
Nominee Application Form: Part A
Title: Professor
Family Names(s): Csirik
Mailing Address: Szeged, Arpad ter 2
Country: Hungary
Office Telephone: 00 36 62 54 6396
Office Fax: 00 36 62 54 6397
Residence Telephone: 00 36 30 45 65 848
Email: jcsirik@gmail.com
Nationality/Citizenship: Hungary
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 14-04-1946
Current Position: Professor
Current Employer: University of Szeged
Please indicate your fluency levels in various languages (Comma Separated)
Fluent in Reading: ENGLISH, GERMAN
Fluent in Writing: ENGLISH, GERMAN
Fluent in Speaking: ENGLISH, GERMAN
Academic Qualifications and Training
1. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: Master in informatics, University of Szeged, 1969
2. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: PhD in Computer Science, Hungarian Academy of Science, 1974
Nominee Application Form: Part B
  • Institutional quality assurance reviews / audits
  • Program reviews / accreditations
  • External review of institutions
  • External Review of QAAs
  • Institutional assessment
  • Institutional quality audits
  • Institutional accreditation
  • Research assessment
  • Online program accreditation
Examples of Experience: National & International Consultations / Audit / Review
1. Brief Description: As member of Hungarian Accreditation Board continuous work in accreditation
Institution/City/Country: Hungary
Date: 2006-2011
Type of Experience:
  • Institutional Audit / Assessment
  • Programme Review / Accreditation
2. Brief Description: Fachhochschule Salzburg, Austria, Institutional audit, reviewer if Informatics program
Institution/City/Country: Austria
Date: 2011
Type of Experience:
  • Institutional Audit / Assessment
  • Programme Review / Accreditation
Nominee Application Form: Part C
Please write a professional profile of 500 words.
Professional Summary Description: Degrees:rn Dr. Rher. Nat., József Attila University, Szeged, Hungary, 1973.rn Candidate of Math. Sci., Hungarian Academy of Sciences.rn Budapest, Hungary, 1977.rn Doctor of Math. Sci., Hungarian Academy of Sciences,rn Budapest, Hungary, 1990.rnPositions held:rn Research worker, József Attila University, Szeged, Hungary, 1969-1977rn Senior research worker, József Attila University, Szeged, Hungary, 1978-1990rn Professor and Head of Dept. of Applied Computer Science, József Attila rn University, Szeged, Hungary, 1990-95rn Vice-rector of József Attila University, 1991-1992rn Rector of József Attila University, 1992-1994rn Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Culture and Education, 1994-95rn Head of the Department of Computer Sciences, József Attila University, 1995-2010rn Dean of Faculty of Sciences, University of Szeged, 2005-2008rnVisiting positions:rn Vienna, Austria, 1974 (Boltzmann-fellowship), 5 monthsrn Erlangen, West-Germany, 1980-81 (Humboldt-fellowship), 1 yearrn London, UK, 1981, 1 monthrn Erlangen, West-Germany, 1983 (Humboldt-fellowship), 5 monthsrn Berne, Switzerland, 1987, 10 monthsrn Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1989-1990, 10 monthsrn Berne, Switzerland, 1991, 1 monthrn Berne, Switzerland, 1994,1 monthrn Munich, Germany, 1996, (Humboldt fellowship), 3 monthsrn AT&T Research Labs, NJ., USA, 1998, (Fulbright-fellowship), 3 monthsrn Graz, Austria, 1999, 1 monthrn Columbia University, New York, 2000, 1 monthrn Berne, Switzerland, 2001, 1 monthrn Berne, Switzerland, 2002, 2 monthsrn Munich, Germany, 2002-2003, 12 monthsrn Berne, Switzerland, 2008, 2 monthsrnAwards: Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1981rn Kalmár Prize of the Hungarian Computer Society, 1983rn Bolyai Farkas Prize,1999rn Szechenyi Prize, 2009rnFields of research:rnAnalysis of algorithms, pattern recognition, medical image processing, computer applications.

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