Nominated By: Teresa SANCHEZ CHAPARRO
Nominee Application Form: Part A
Title: Doctor
Mailing Address: 34, Avenue Charles de Gaulle
92200 Neuilly sur Seine
Office Telephone: +33(0)141923779
Residence Telephone: +33(0)601998012
Email: teresa.tschapar@gmail.com
Nationality/Citizenship: SPANISH
Date of Birth: 30-12-1976
Current Position: Programmes' Director
Current Employer: Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur
Please indicate your fluency levels in various languages (Comma Separated)
Fluent in Reading: Industrial engineering degree (master level),Carlos III University Madrid,2000
Fluent in Writing: PhD in engineering management,Carlos III University Madrid,2004
Academic Qualifications and Training
Nominee Application Form: Part B
  • Institutional quality assurance reviews / audits
  • Program reviews / accreditations
  • General QA consultancy
  • Training of experts/external reviewers
  • Internal QA of institutions
  • External review of institutions
  • Institutional accreditation
  • QA of cross border offerings
Examples of Experience: National & International Consultations / Audit / Review
1. Brief Description: Coordination, development and implementation of the internal quality assurance strategy of the agency.
Development of new information tools.
Institution/City/Country: Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur/Paris/FRANCE
Date: 2010
Type of Experience:
  • Consultancy
2. Brief Description: Development and coordination of a new master evaluation department at ANECA
Institution/City/Country: ANECA/Madrid/SPAIN
Date: 2009
Type of Experience:
  • Consultancy
3. Brief Description: Participation in various institutional audits in ANECA
Institution/City/Country: ANECA/Madrid/SPAIN
Type of Experience:
  • Institutional Audit / Assessment
Nominee Application Form: Part C
Please write a professional profile of 500 words.
Professional Summary Description: I started my professional career as a lecturer and researcher in quality management and production engineering, where I had the opportunity to participate and coordinate various industrial projects. rnFrom 2006 to 2010, I worked for ANECA (Spanish Accreditation and Evaluation agency). I was part of the team who defined the programme accreditation procedures and criteria and ended up coordinating the master accreditation department. As part of ANECA's staff I have participated in several institutional and programmes accreditations.rnIn 2010, I started to work for CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs) in France as a quality and international relations director. I am in charge of the Coordination of the international relations and the coordination, development and implementation of the internal quality assurance strategy of the agency.

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