Nominated By: Dr Mark Hay
Nominee Application Form: Part A
Title: Professor
Family Names(s): Botha
Mailing Address: Division for Institutional Research and Planning
Stellenbosch University
7600 Stellenbosch
South Africa
Country: South Africa
Office Telephone: +27 21 8082720
Office Fax: +27 21 808 4533
Residence Telephone: +27 21 8878942
Email: jb3@sun.ac.za
Nationality/Citizenship: South African
Date of Birth: 28-11-1957
Current Position: Senior Director Institutional research and Planning
Current Employer: Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Please indicate your fluency levels in various languages (Comma Separated)
Fluent in Reading: English,Dutch
Fluent in Writing: English,Dutch
Fluent in Speaking: English,Dutch
Academic Qualifications and Training
1. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: DTh,Stellenbosch University,1991
2. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: MA,NorthWest University,1980
3. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: BTh,NorthWest University,1984
4. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: Postgraduate Certificate in Institutional Management and Change,Twente University. The Netherlands,2000
Nominee Application Form: Part B
  • Institutional quality assurance reviews / audits
  • Program reviews / accreditations
  • General QA consultancy
  • Setting up of new QA agency
  • Internal QA of institutions
  • Self study guidance to institutions
  • External review of institutions
  • Quality Indicators and benchmarks
  • Institutional assessment
  • Institutional quality audits
  • Institutional accreditation
  • QA of cross border offerings
  • Online program accreditation
Other (please specify): Enrolment Planning
Examples of Experience: National & International Consultations / Audit / Review
1. Brief Description: Consultant for the HEQC regarding various aspects of national policy development (including leader of the task team that developed the National Accreditation Policy Framework and National Programme Accreditation Criteria, and the development of the second cycle of institutional reviews, etc)
Institution/City/Country: HEQC, South Africa
Date: Since 2000
Type of Experience:
  • Consultancy
  • Institutional Audit / Assessment
  • Programme Review / Accreditation
2. Brief Description: Member of the task team that developed the national QA policy framework (including institutional reviews and programme acceditation)
Institution/City/Country: National Council on Higher Education (NCHE), Namibia
Date: 2009
Type of Experience:
  • Consultancy
3. Brief Description: Audit panel member Sur University College (Oman) (2008); Chair of Audit Panel, Sohar University (Oman) (2010)
Institution/City/Country: Oman
Date: 2008 and 2010
Type of Experience:
  • Institutional Audit / Assessment
4. Brief Description: Responsibility for QA at Stellenbosch University
Institution/City/Country: Stellenbosch University
Date: Since 1998
Type of Experience:
  • Institutional Audit / Assessment
  • Programme Review / Accreditation
Nominee Application Form: Part C
Please write a professional profile of 500 words.
Professional Summary Description: After almost 20 years as faculty member teaching Classics and Religion at two different South African universities, I became involved in Higher Education Management, in particular Higher Education policy development and QA and issues related to national qualifications frameworks (since 1998). I have been involved in quality assurance in South Africa since 2000 when the HEQC was established. I have experience in national policy development: as team leader in the development of the draft national policy framework for programme accreditation and the national programme accreditation criteria for South Africa and as member of the team that developed the national quality assurance policies (audits, accreditation, reviews) for Namibia. I have been a member of the audit panel of a private Higher Education institution in South Africa (City Varsity), a member of the audit panel of Sur University College (Oman) and chairperson of the audit panel of Sohar University (Oman). As Senior Director for Institutional Research and Planning at Stellenbosch University, I am responsible for the management of the institutional quality assurance system (including programmes, academic units and support units), higher education policy development, enrolment planning and academic planning, management information (including the institutional performance indicators). I had overall responsibility for the institutional audit of Stellenbosch University in 2005, including the development of the self-assessment portfolio. Since 2008 I am the president of the Southern African Association for Institutional Research (SAAIR).

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