Nominated By: Dr Jan Cameron
Nominee Application Form: Part A
Title: Professor
Family Names(s): Pawson
Mailing Address: Department of Geography
University of Canterbury
Country: New Zealand
Office Telephone: 64 3 364 2930
Office Fax: 64 3 364 2907
Residence Telephone: 64 3 352 3225
Nationality/Citizenship: UK/NZ
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 20-06-1951
Current Position: Professor
Current Employer: University of Canterbury
Please indicate your fluency levels in various languages (Comma Separated)
Fluent in Reading: english
Fluent in Writing: english
Fluent in Speaking: english
Academic Qualifications and Training
1. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: MA, Oxford, 1973
2. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: D Phil, Oxford, 1975
Nominee Application Form: Part B
  • Institutional quality assurance reviews / audits
  • Program reviews / accreditations
  • Internal QA of institutions
  • External review of institutions
  • Institutional quality audits
  • Research assessment
Examples of Experience: National & International Consultations / Audit / Review
1. Brief Description: University of Otago
Institution/City/Country: Cycle 4 National Audit, whole of institution
Date: 2012
Type of Experience:
  • Institutional Audit / Assessment
2. Brief Description: Massey University
Institution/City/Country: Cycle 5 National Audit, whole of institution
Date: 2014
Type of Experience:
  • Institutional Audit / Assessment
3. Brief Description: University of Auckland
Institution/City/Country: BSc Review panel
Date: 2012
Type of Experience:
  • Programme Review / Accreditation
4. Brief Description: University of Canterbury
Institution/City/Country: Fine Arts programme review
Date: 2010
Type of Experience:
  • Programme Review / Accreditation
Nominee Application Form: Part C
Please write a professional profile of 500 words.
Professional Summary Description: Professor of Geography, University of Canterbury, New Zealand since 2001. Academic auditor, New Zealand Universities Quality Agency since 2008, and member of the reference group for the design of both cycle 4 and cycle 5 national academic audits. Member of social science panel of the Marsden Fund, Royal Society of New Zealand (2006-8) for the competitive award of national research funds. Holder of various teaching awards, including a National Tertiary Teaching Award (2009) and the University of Canterbury Teaching Medal (2013). A specialist in community-based learning and other forms of active learning. Co-leader of the INLT, International Network for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in Geography, 2005-12.

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