Dr. Prof. Vladimir Navodnov’s

 Condolence from APQN Board Directors for Dr. Prof. Vladimir Navodnov’s Passing


Dear All,

It is with deep sorrow and a void in our hearts that we at NCPA inform you of Dr. Prof. Vladimir Navodnov’s passing. He unexpectedly died yesterday evening after a massive stroke.

Prof. Navodnov was a person of wisdom and character, a strategic and visionary leader, and an inspiring educationalist. He motivated everyone who came across him as a professional scholar and a true enthusiast. His visionary approach, incredible sense of humour, and wisdom will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him in person.

NCPA and the whole Russian academic community extend their profound gratitude for his dedicated efforts and significant contributions to the enhancement of the quality of higher education in the country and beyond.

Please keep him in your thoughts.

Dr. Galina Motova

Condolence from Pingping and all SEEI and Secretariat colleagues

We were deeply shocked and saddened to receive your email about Dr. Prof. Vladimir Navodnov, as he was young and healthy in our memory.

He was an old friend of our colleagues at SEEI, as he had actively participated in APQN's academic activities and his week-long study visit at SEEI in March 2013. During that visit, he delivered several lectures and engaged in several evaluation activities. He also represented NCPA to sign a cooperation agreement with SEEI, thus leaving a significant impact on our institution. His visit brought fresh theoretical and practical experiences that have greatly benefited us. Later, Dr. Prof. Feng Hui, was also invited to NCPA for a week-long study visit. Dr. Navodnov carefully arranged and warmly hosted him.

One small detail that remains etched in our memories is from 2014. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the APQN Secretariat based at SEEI was unable to attend the APQN academic conference, but over 60 copies of the APQN annual report needed to be presented at the venue. Dr. Navodnov, upon learning of this, kindly offered his assistance. He deliberately chose to stopover in Shanghai to personally help us deliver the reports. Don’t know whether you remembered or not. This year in the APQN Conference in Dhaka, we expressed a pity to you that Prof. Dr. Vladimir Navodnov was not there, and we also inquired about his recent situation and conveyed the greetings of Prof. Dr. Feng Hui.

Dr. Navodnov was a leading expert in international education quality assurance, renowned for his elegance, enthusiasm, wit, and unwavering love for China, particularly Shanghai. It is with great regret that we, at SEEI and APQN, have lost such a visionary and friend. While his physical presence among us is no more, his legacy and impact will forever be enshrined in our hearts and minds. Dr. Prof. Vladimir Navodnov will forever be in our hearts!

Condolence from Prof.Dr. Jianxin Zhang

It's a shock to hear the bad news!

I am grieved to hear of Dr. Prof. Vladimir Navodnov’s passing passing away. Please accept my deepest sympathies to all of the team in NCPA and his family.

I cannot remember how many times I have met Vladimir at APQN AAC, but I can clearly remember the moment when I arrive in Moscow for 2017 AAC held by your NCPA...

 In my mind, Vladimir is a gentleman who always ready to help and appear whenever we need take a photo or need to do something. n I still remember his warm feelings

But above all, I shall mostly miss him for his wonderful sense of responsibility and contribution for NCPA and the academy field in QA.

I again feel deeply sorrowful at the news of his passing.

Please accept my sincere condolences.

Wish him happy in the heaven!

Condolence from Dr Jagannath Patil

It is indeed sad and shocking news.

Vladimir has been such a wonderful friend of mine for more than 14 years .

I could not imagine any APQN or INQAAHE event without meeting him and Galina.

I still remember the 2013 Taipei conference of APQN when we started APQN Quality Awards, the first name that came to my mind as President for APQN Quality Champion Award was that of Vladimir.

He was truly a champion of quality and champion of APQN.

I always envied Galina for having such a friendly, supportive and  highly professional Boss.

I am sure Galina and the NCPA team would carry his remarkable legacy.

Vladimir will be always remembered by the APQN and QA fraternity around the world for his contributions and friendly relations .

Vladimir's untimely demise is a loss not only to his family and NCPA but the entire APQN fraternity.

Condolence from Mr. Nar Bahadur Raika

Though I do not remember meeting him, but I can understand the great loss for NCPA, Russia and global higher education. Please accept my personal condolences and let us pray his soul rest in peace and take the rebirth soon.

Condolence from Ms. Umankulova Onolkan

It is a shocking news to get to know about passing of Dr.Prof.Navodnov. He was always The man of high moral and professional values, and indeed it is a big loss for the academic community. Please accept my sincere condolences with this big loss of a friend, of a colleague, of a great person. Let his soul rest in peace.

Condolence from Dr.Timur Kanapyanov

This information has shocked us all.

I had the privilege of knowing Prof. Vladimir Navodnov for many years. Throughout our acquaintance, we consistently shared meaningful conversations and met regularly, fostering a relationship akin to close friends.

I, along with the team at the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR), deeply mourn the loss of an outstanding personality, a respected academic leader, and a remarkable figure in the field of education.

It's challenging to find words when such a bright mind and talented individual, who made a significant contribution to the development of education in the Russian Federation and beyond, is no longer with us. In the person of Prof. Vladimir Navodnov we lose not only an experienced leader but also a great mentor whose contributions to the country's education are difficult to overestimate.

We extend our sincere condolences to his family, close ones, colleagues, and everyone who felt the warmth and wisdom of this remarkable person. The bright memory of Mr. Navodnov will remain in our hearts as a symbol of outstanding professionalism, dedication to the cause, and a deep love for education.

Prof. Navodnov has left an indelible mark not only through his individual achievements but also through the successful collaboration between IAAR and the NCPA. Under his leadership, we actively collaborated, striving towards common goals of quality education and higher professional education standards.

His contribution to the development of education quality assurance will be remembered for a long time and will inspire us to continue working for the benefit of the educational community.

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