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Mr. Le FANG is the Project Officer and Associate Professor in Shanghai Education Evaluation Institute (SEEI), China and also held the concurrent post of the Administrator of Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) from March 2009 to October 2016. I have been responsible for the evaluation for undergraduate teaching, the evaluation of teachers' teaching performance, and the accreditation for Sino-foreign cooperatively-running schools and so on in Shanghai, China. I have made continuous research on the quality assurance in higher education, effectiveness of international organization and so on. By the way, I worked one year as the visiting scholar in the Education Directorate of Education and Skill of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 2017-2018.

I have been honored to return to the position of APQN Administrator since July, 2019 thanks to the nomination of Dr. Hui FENG, the President of SEEI. In fact, under the supervision of the Board and the direct guidance of Ms. Pingping LIU, the Secretary/Treasurer, Ms. Yingjie XU and Ms. Cunyao FAN are also contributing diligently to the operation of the Secretariat. To keep and make the further development of APQN, we have to work harder and smarter for the better service, which is a kind of challenge for us. I believe your kind support will always be there. Anyway, Let’s work together for a great APQN!

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