HEEC Completed the 2018 Training of Audit Evaluation Experts

HEEC Completed the Audit Evaluation Experts Training2018

Higher Education Evaluation Center(HEEC) of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of Chinaorganized theaudit evaluation experts training in Qingdao on April 12, 2018. Over 500 experts and project managers attended the training and got their certificates. The newly-trained experts are supposed to do their contributions in the audit evaluations this year.

Peer review is one of the guiding principles in the institutional evaluation process of HEEC. HEEC always selects prospective experts and provides professional trainings to help them do their jobs in the audit evaluation process. All the experts should be selected based on their professional experiences in higher education institutions(HEIs) and/or relevant industries as well as in quality assurance. This year HEEC organized audit evaluation experts training on April 12 in Qingdao Cop Thorne Hotel. Prior to their participations in the audit evaluation exercises, experts were introduced about the audit work and their roles.

The training waswell organized. The training programincluded “The New Ideas and New Standards of the Audit Evaluation” by Zhou Aijun, Deputy Director of HEEC;  “The Interpretation of the Scope of the Audit Evaluation” by Lin Pinghua, Vice President of Southeast University; “The Working Procedures of Audit Experts” by Wu Ping, Vice President of Huazhong Agriculture University;  “The Share of Working Experiences as Audit Experts” by Liu Huadong, Vice President of China University of Petroleum; “The Use of the Data Analysis Report” by Yang Jing, Division of Information of HEEC; and “The Introduction of the Information Management System of the Institutional Evaluation” by Sun Ying, Division of Institutional Evaluation of HEEC. The invited speakers are very experienced audit experts who always work as panel leaders in the HEEC audit evaluations. At the end of the training, the experts were supposed to have clear visions about their work in the future audit evaluations.

Over 500 experts and project managers attended the training. HEEC gave every expert and managera Training Certificate. The certificates are important symbols for HEEC’s acknowledgements and welcomes to the new experts to join the audit evaluation. And also, the training provided a valuable platform for the dialogues between experts, project managers and HEEC.

The audit evaluation is an important form of the institutional evaluation in China. HEEC will conduct altogether 85 universities’ (colleges’) audit evaluation in 2018. That is the reason why more audit experts are needed this year. Surely the newly-trained experts will do their contributions in the future. And HEEC would follow the performance of each expert and provide the necessary help to ensure the quality of audit evaluations.

(Written by Sun Ying) 

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