Nominated By: Tariq Alsindi
Nominee Application Form: Part A
Title: Doctor
Family Names(s): Elhasan
Mailing Address: Higher Education Institute
P.O. Box 35111
Doha, Qatar
Country: Qatar
Office Telephone: +974-44560812
Office Fax: +974-44270598
Residence Telephone: +974-44507300
Nationality/Citizenship: American
Date of Birth: 25-12-1953
Current Position: Higher Ed. Consultant
Current Employer: Higher Education Institute, Supreme Education Council, Qatar
Please indicate your fluency levels in various languages (Comma Separated)
Fluent in Reading: Arabic, English
Fluent in Writing: Arabic, English
Fluent in Speaking: Arabic, English
Academic Qualifications and Training
1. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: M.Sc. Agricultural Education,University of Khartoum, Sudan,1986
2. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: M.Sc. Extension and Rural Development ,University College Dublin, Ireland,1995
3. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: Ph.D. Education,Ohio University, USA,2000
4. Degree, Institution, Year Completed: B.SC. Agriculture (Honours) ,University of Khartoum, Sudan,1978
Nominee Application Form: Part B
  • Institutional quality assurance reviews / audits
  • Program reviews / accreditations
  • General QA consultancy
  • Training of experts/external reviewers
  • Self study guidance to institutions
  • External review of institutions
  • Quality Indicators and benchmarks
  • Institutional assessment
  • Institutional quality audits
  • Institutional accreditation
  • Research assessment
Examples of Experience: National & International Consultations / Audit / Review
1. Brief Description: Reviewing proposal for introducing the International Business Administration B.Sc. program (IBMS),
Institution/City/Country: Stenden University Qatar, Doha, Qatar
Date: 2009
Type of Experience:
  • Programme Review / Accreditation
2. Brief Description: Reviewing process and resources for upgrading Associate Degree programs to B.Sc. academic programs
Institution/City/Country: College of Aviation Sciences, Doha, Qatar
Date: 2009
Type of Experience:
  • Institutional Audit / Assessment
3. Brief Description: Establishing Graduate Certificate in African Studies
Institution/City/Country: University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Date: 2007
Type of Experience:
  • Consultancy
Nominee Application Form: Part C
Please write a professional profile of 500 words.
Professional Summary Description: Part of a team responsible for formulating national standards and procedures of licensing and accreditation of higher education institutions in the State of Qatar.
- Reviewing, processing, and evaluating application of the Qatar Aeronautical College (QAC) for upgrading from a vocational, certification operating institution to a functioning college which grants the Associate of Science (A.S.) degree with collaboration of the Purdue University,
- Reviewing, processing, and evaluating application of Dar Al Nour for establishing a diploma in Islamic Studies sponsored by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in the State of Qatar,
- Reviewing, processing, and evaluating application of the Plymouth University for establishing a branch in Qatar for granting a Masters Degree in Executive Business Administration,
- Reviewing and evaluating application of the Stenden University Qatar for introducing their International Business ? Administration B.Sc. program (IBMS).
- Reviewing and evaluating proposal of the Institute for Police Training in the State of Qatar for establishing associate degree programs,
- Formulating standards of licensing and quality assurance of training and educational centers in Qatar.

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