Global Initiative on Quality Assurance Capacity (GIQAC)

The GIQAC Fund is provided by the World Bank and channeled through the UNESCO. The GIQAC purposes and objectives are: to support innovative regional and global efforts that are efficient yet effective in promoting knowledge sharing among a wide range of quality assurance practitioners (whether in higher education institutions, quality assurance agencies, or government bodies) focused on quality assurance.

APQN is one of the beneficiaries of GIQAC since its first implementation in 2008. APQN has completed the GIQAC projects from May 2008 to April 2009, which include:

  1. APQN Website: Expansion/Maintenance and Database Development
  2. Internship and Cross-regional Staff Exchange Program
  3. Training Materials and Resource Package
  4. Chinese Translation Project

The ongoing APQN's GIQAC projects for the period of December 2009 to October 2010 are followings:

  1. APQN Website: Expansion, Development and Maintenance
    1. Moderated Discussion Forum (coopetated with IIEP)
    2. Database of Consultants
    3. APQN Website Development
  2. Internship Program
  3. Training Workshop for External Reviewers
  4. Linking Internal and External Quality Assurance
  5. Liaison and Communication among APQN Members and Regional Networks

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