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After months of working from home, using my dining room table as a desk, I had begun to develop serious neck pain https://www.pillow247.com/pillows/2553-thomas-sowell-quotes--equal-treatment-pillow-cover-18x18.html, along with pretty intense tension headaches. My remedies started with yin yoga and Advil, but they brought little relief, and I quickly realized that I would need to seek professional help. I decided to visit a chiropractor in Brooklyn in hopes that all I needed was a good cervical adjustment to set me right. Just as I’d hoped, my first chiropractic treatment seemed, magically, to solve the problem. But a few weeks later, my pulsating headaches returned.So I saw another chiropractor. I wore a heated lavender neck pillow while working. I made turmeric tea from scratch (it reduces inflammation, and also turned everything in my kitchen yellow). I even changed my work setup to be more ergonomic by adding a laptop stand and keyboard. But the headaches persisted. Exasperated, I went to see my primary care physician who referred me to a spine specialist. The spine specialist told me that the long-term solution for my neck pain and headaches was physical therapy Don'T Be A Richard Cranium Pillow Cover, which would eventually help to correct posture and strengthen muscles.

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