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The desire to consume fresh produce and the sun tempts you well and if you could combine pleasure and health then why not…. The Cretan diet, also known as the Mediterranean diet, maybe the solution for you! Before you get started, let me explain how it works.

The Cretan diet(or Mediterranean diet) is very easy to follow while on vacation, camping, with the family, and even in restaurants, this is the seasonal program! As a result, it can be followed both by you alone or by the whole family at the same time without removing the pleasure of eating.

What diet?

It is above all a cuisine linked to the fishery, livestock, and local products. Sea or river fishing, meat from sheep or cattle herds, products from the cereal plains (wheat and rice), or from the garrigue (oil and wine).

Also, the Cretan diet (or Mediterranean diet) is based on a healthy and balanced diet, particularly rich in fresh fruits and vegetables (fibers, vitamins, carotenes, and mineral salts providing antioxidants), cereals and pulses (carbohydrates and fibers), little meat (therefore little saturated fatty acids) but poultry and especially fish including 2 to 3 times per week fatty fish (therefore omega 3 ). It is the kitchen of the sun!

Olive oil: the base

However, olive oil has long been promoted as the main element of this diet and a 100% olive fashion has swept through, and it is a misconception to believe that it is the best oil. ! However, this idea still persists!


Indeed, like ALL oils, olive oil contains 100% lipids, it is nutritionally interesting, by its richness in monounsaturated fatty acids which slightly reduce the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and moderately increase the good cholesterol (HDL) levels. It also presents some natural anti-oxidants such as polyphenols which are said to have beneficial properties. It is practical because it can be eaten raw as well as in cooking.

However, it is not very rich in omega 3 and vitamin E, which is why it is recommended to always vary the oils to balance all the contributions, and therefore to vary between olive oil, rapeseed oil (in seasoning), and oil. nuts (in seasoning) or wheat germ (in seasoning) in particular.

Long live Mediterranean cuisine

Likewise, if the Mediterranean cuisine present in the Cretan diet (or Mediterranean diet) is made of grilled fish, salad of tomato, basil, olives, bouillabaisse, and other ratatouille and tian, it is also the cradle of the fougasse, oil pump, tapenade, and other calissons… an important slogan must be adapted: moderation!

Now we all are so much concerned about health so we know very well only healthy food can help us to look younger and fit. How old are you currently and do you look younger or older to your actual age, it is an important concern and only healthy food can help you be younger.

What you must remember

Remember for your holidays and even throughout the year several of the principles of the Cretan diet (or Mediterranean diet):

  • Consume seasonal products,

  • Diversify your diet,

  • Reduce your consumption of red meat in favor of fish and oily fish,

  • Do not remove lipids by favoring good fats: vegetable oils by varying them,

  • Choose local, regional products,

  • Use and abuse aromatic herbs,

  • Cook at home!

As you will have understood, the Cretan diet (or Mediterranean diet) is a good way to indulge yourself while eating a balanced diet . In addition, it is perfect to follow during the summer period and what is more for the whole family. 

If, however, you think that the Cretan diet (or Mediterranean diet) is not the food program you need then consider approaching the Learn Weight Loss program which offers more than 500 different profiles ... so you may find your happiness there!

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Thanks for the post  Anil Kumar, I remember that I tried this diet years ago, but unfortanely me and my family hated our kitchen, It was designed by my brother in law and the cabinets were a mess, you couldn't find anything, it was horrible, luckily I found a service to redesign my kitchen called KitchenSearch, check their work here https://kitchensearch.com/ , and my wife loved it! Now me and my wife can cook anything from the Cretan diet!

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The Cretan diet is a low-carb, high protein diet. The diet focuses on eating fresh, whole foods, which identify high-quality nutrition. The food is prepared in a way to limits the negative effects of salt. You need to check https://www.proessaywriting.com/research-paper/ and gain new techniques about the study. The diet is also low in carbohydrates, avoiding the use of refined sugars and other processed carbohydrates. The diet is usually used to treat or prevent obesity.
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