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Hey, I am Anjali from Howrah, Kolkata. Kolkata is situated in West Bengal and also the capital of it, before the independence of India it was the capital of India under British rule from 1773–1911 and was known as Calcutta. Today this city is known for its grand colonial architecture, culture, famous festivals, and world top-most art galleries. In the 1850s Calcutta was divided into two parts mainly called the White Town which was primarily the area of the British situated in Chowringhee and the second was the Black Town where Indians used to live which was situated in North Calcutta.


Kolkata is considered the most attractive place amongst visitors. Here most of the men just come to spend some romantic time with Howrah escorts, where some other people love to explore alluring places which include Howrah, Howrah is the blend of culture, art, food, and literature, in simple words it is the place that shows the real beauty of Kolkata. The second attractive place of Kolkata is Phool Bagan that is filled with several kinds of aromatic flowers, several fruit trees, also here you will find different species of butterflies and birds. Some of the visitors love the street food of here, the spices which pour in the food of here, it will gonna win your taste and some of them loves the nightlife of this city where they go to the pubs, hotels, and nightclubbing, but these factors are not enough which make this city too attractive Kolkata escorts service attracts around 65% of visitors towards it.

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