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  3. Monday, 13 August 2018
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Dear all,

Nice to talk with you in the sky!

It’s pity that I did not get any questions or feedback.

According to the progress, I changed the order of the session plan a bit.


Day 3:  My SWOT Analysis as a Reviewer (about 500-word article)

Take you yourself or yourselves as a reviewer and analyze your strength; weakness; opportunity and threat.


Hope to hear from you today, big smile!

Best regards

Jianxin Zhang

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Dear Prof. Dr. Jianxin, sorry for the late comment, here is my SWOT analysis as a reviewer. 

My strength will be that I am more likely to see things from the new perspective as I haven't been a reviewer before but, however, I am still somehow familiar with the review process due to my work in HEEACT and also my past research experience. Thus, it is possible that my Strength will be bringing new perspective to the review process as I am not yet "restricted" or "limited" by the actual experience of reviewing educational institutions. (This restriction can be due to being too familiar and comfortable with the review process.) As I can build a picture which is outside the box which may, or may not, be beneficial for the review process and apply "ideal" theories in the field. However, being new and inexperienced, can also be the Weakness of me. As I believe that review experience is one of the essential element for a good reviewer. This is because that with more experience you have more understanding of the patterns of the education system in providing quality education to their students. And with this understanding, as an experienced reviewer, you are more likely to identify the needs and the points to enhance the educational process of an educational institution. Thus, being new in the field can be the weakness for me. My Opportunity will be that I can learn and cooperate with the other reviewers who are experienced as well as shared the ideal picture of mine based on the theory while reviewing. This in-put and the cooperation of new and old may be innovative and beneficial for the review process. However, without cooperation and excellent communication, it can be a Threat for the team. As there may be conflict and misunderstanding due to the different expectations between the new reviewers and experienced reviewers. 

This is just my brief understanding and sharing. Hope it makes sense and somehow contributing to the discussion. Thank you! 

  1. Jianxin Zhang
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Dear Grace,
Thank you for your sharing!
You are the first who shared with us on SWOT Analyse as a reviewer!I am appreciated it.

It is interesting to know that “my Strength will be bringing new perspective to the review process as I am not yet "restricted" or "limited" by the actual experience of reviewing educational institutions…build a picture outside the box
Good to know this!
Thank you again for sharing!
Best regards
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