Entries with Organisation Names starting with 'R'

Membership Type: Intsitutional
Year in which Organisation/Agency commenced operations: 2002
Countries/regions/states of operation: Pakistan

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Title: Director Quality Enhnancement Cell (QEC)
First Name: Salim
Surname: Khan
Email Id: salim.ahmed@riphah.edu.pk
Alternative Email Id: salimahmed300@yahoo.com

Nominated Contact Person (if different from CEO)

Organisation Details

Riphah International University (RIU)
Address: Riphah International University, I-14, Hajj Complex, Islamabad

Additional Contacts

Proof of the organisation’s good standing with the local QA agency: QEC of RIU is very keen to learn and implement good practices being exercised by sister organizations in the world. The membership of APQN will give us access to all your literature, meetings, conferences and allied activities. Amongst the â??Wâ? category Private Sector Universities, QEC of RIU is doing very well. A ranking carried out by HEC in February 2011 has placed QEC RIU in the top performing QECs of the country. The letter declaring the ranking of QECs is uploade

Documentation and Fees

Additional Information: No additional information is required for my application
Upon approval of my application I agree to pay:
  • $500 (Initial Joining Fee: Full Member, Intermediate Member, Associate Member)
  • $200 Member Fee: Institutional Member

Contact Us

APQN Administrator
No. 202, South ShaanXi Road,
Shanghai, 200031, P.R. CHINA
Tel: +86 21 5403 1620
Fax: +86 21 5467 0198
Email: apqnsecretariat@163.com 

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