Entries with Organisation Names starting with 'O'

Membership Type: Associate
Year in which Organisation/Agency commenced operations: 1996
Countries/regions/states of operation: Thailand

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Title: Mrs.
First Name: Varaporn
Surname: Seehanath
Email Id: varaporn@mua.go.th

Nominated Contact Person (if different from CEO)

Title: Mrs
First Name: Aurasa
Surname: Pavavimol
Email Id: aurasa@mua.go.th

Organisation Details

Office of the Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education
Address: 328 Si Ayutthaya Road , Bangkok 10400
Website: http://www.mua.go.th

Additional Contacts

Documentation and Fees

Additional Information: No additional information is required for my application
Upon approval of my application I agree to pay:
  • $500 (Initial Joining Fee: Full Member, Intermediate Member, Associate Member)
  • $200 Member Fee: Associate Member

Contact Us

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Tel: +86 21 5403 1620
Fax: +86 21 5467 0198
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